Do you have a blog? An Internet site ? Your traffic interests us! Thanks to Betowin, you can now cash in your audience thanks to the sale of “lead”. The lead corresponds to the coordinates (example: email, telephone) of a potential customer. By relaying advertisements via your sites, your visitors may have to click and therefore become “leads”. These leads will be sold according to the method of remuneration you choose and you will earn money from home without moving and without adding workload. The more traffic to your site is important, the more leads will grow and the more money you make, your only mission will be to continue to create quality content on your site.

To become a publisher via the BetoWin platform, all you have to do is apply for registration as a publisher. Once your registration is validated, you can choose the campaigns you want to participate in, we offer a wide range of programs with high return potential, you will have the opportunity to choose which campaigns seem to be the best to attract your audience.

You will then choose your method of payment and your method of payment (Paypal, transfer or check). Once the campaign is launched, you will be able to follow the results of our programs day by day thanks to the performance indications of your interface. Finally, you will be paying monthly automatically.

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With its global network and partnerships, Betowin offers proprietary technology, tailored solutions and media plans tailored to each of its customers.

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